dress H&M bag second hand shoes Mekka
Today's girly outfit from a shopping trip with Iisa. We went to the center by bike and stopped to take some pictures at the campus on our way home. I wanted to wear something with a retro feel, so I decided to take out my new dress for the first time. Actually I didn't notice that I hadn't even taken the price tag off until we had been shopping for a while already. Luckily the tag was inside the dress... :D

Tomorrow I'll have a lazy day. I'll watch movies, read and just chill, and maybe I'll write a post about my recent purchases also. Have a relaxing weekend! ♥


KASSIDY said...

I love those shoes :D You look so beautiful when you smile, btw.

Barcelona Brunettes said...

amazing dres!!! <3

GIVEAWAY in our blog! hope that you like it ^^


Dudu said...

Onpa söpö mekko! *____*

tiia said...

Aivan ihana asu! Kaikessa yksinkertaisuudessaan tosi raikas ja kesäinen :)